SDMA Introduction

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                Shandong Meat Industry & Shandong Meat Association

                Located on the east coast of China, with a population of 97.89 million, Shandong is one of the biggest provinces in China. For decades, Shandong province has been unparalleled for its meat industry in terms of production, processing, consuming, import, export and national meat reserve. For many years, the total production output, assets, sales revenue and market share of Shandong meat producers have steadily ranked first in the industry among all the provinces. Many of those companies have become leaders of the country's meat industry. Among them are Shandong Siwin Foods, Zhucheng Delisi Group, Shandong Liuhe Group and other 50 large companies. 90% of the top 100 meat producers in China are from Shandong Province.

                Shandong Meat Association (SDMA) is the organization which represents the collective interests of approximately 350 members who are meat producers, meat processors, meat machinery manufacturers, meat technology research and development institutions.

                Established in 1992, SDMA has been serving the industry faithfully by listening to their members, influencing policy makers, providing suggestions and solutions to their questions, organizing exhibitions, coordinating exchange visits and gathering and distributing industry information. It is dedicated to maintaining a sustainable, competitive industry which benefits the people in the province, as well as the whole country.

                SDMA is not only a strong voice for the meat producers in Shandong province. In addition, it is also an important contributor to the development and improvement of the industry's policies and regulations. Many changes were initiated or suggested by SDMA.

                Mission Statement

                To build the biggest and most sustainable meat producing province in China

                Core Strategies

                Guide the process of industry re-structuring

                Enhance the competitiveness of member companies through research and innovation

                Influence government legislation and policies to enhance the competitiveness and benefit of Shandong meat industry

                Work closely with related government agencies such as China Animal Disease Control Centre, Food and Medicine Safety Inspection Agency, Shandong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to ensure food safety and minimize risks

                Help build more known brand names

                Increase market access for domestic and international demand

                Facilitate international exchange visits

                Ensure long-term sustainable access to international resources

                 Examples of Achievements

                lInitiated “Food Safety Shandong” campaign, elected and continues to elect known brand names with quality products and help them to further promote their products. At the same time, offer suggestions and solutions to those companies which products need to be improved

                lFacilitate regular food safety inspections

                lOrganize international exchange visits, helping members to learn the most advanced and proven practices so that they can be utilized in their businesses

                lHost meat industry exhibitions, is currently preparing to host the first International Meat Festival in 2017

                lIn the process of planning a business visit from its members to Canada in June, 2017

                 Main Staff:

                    sdmeat02.png Lin Li, Executive President

                 Contact Details:

                Head Office: 76 Dongguandajie Ave, Lixia District, Jinan, Shandong Province 250013

                Telephone: 0086-531-86959525 (Chinese only)

                Fax: 0086-531-86950385 (Both English and Chinese)

                Email: (Both English and Chinese)

                Website: / (Chinese only)

                North America Branch: 246 Covepark Green, NE, Calgary T3K6K9

                                      Savannah Li

                Telephone: 001-(403)390-3683 (English)

                           001-(403)973-0803 (English)

                Email:, (Both English)